This is our 3rd year of raising money for charity by selling model animals painted by local artists and schools,

The chosen animal for 2019 is a Hound available as a standard (90cm approx) hound or a pup (approx 45cm)

In addition to local businesses, schools and groups we encourage families to participate.

Details of how to participate are available by selecting the appropriate menu item.

If the website fails to address your enquiry please contact brian@haslemerehounds.co.uk

Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

Spaniel Craig

Hankers Hound

In The Dog House

As Fit As A Butcher's Dog


Katz Dog

Giraffic Bark

Tally Hound

News Hound

Rosa Canina

Freshly Ground Hound

All Hounds On Deck

Dog's Tooth Check

London UnderHound

Hound And About

Dog Eared

Buddy The Hound - 'MINDS' Best Friend

Ted Barker

Indiana Bones

Cerberus - Hound Of Hades

Hieroglyphic Hound