22 Paw-lates
SIZE : hound
SOLD : £ 500
Paw-lates was sponsored by Haslemere Pilates and will eventually sit near HAREatio (a Haslemere Hare) in their beautiful grounds.
She is a truly collaborative effort as each client donated a button, bead or jewel to adorn Paw-lates. These have been used to make the flowers and butterflies that surround her. She has been painted to blend into the meadow, her body the colour of heather, the flowers drifting in the breeze with butterflies and bees flitting from bloom to bloom. Her blue head happy and relaxed amongst the clouds.

Haslemere Pilates
Ledge Above Hamptons, High Street
Ashleigh Deane
I never set out to be included as an artist - but this is the sort of project that really draws you in!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the escapism and creativity this project has allowed and I am incredibly proud to play such a small part in this wonderful community.

Each Hound has it's own unique story and I am in awe of the time, effort and thought that has gone into each one.

Stepping Stones School