28 Pawsitive Thoughts
SIZE : hound
SOLD : £ 340
In keeping with the charity that Woolmer Hill School has been supporting this year – Young Minds – we were keen to reflect the theme of positive thinking and mindfulness, qualities that we want our pupils to embrace and project.
The key colour of the ‘Young Minds’ charity is a sunny yellow and so we adopted this colour to underpin our theme. Sunflowers seemed the most positive and cheerful flowers that grow strongly and follow the sunlight throughout the day. The sun on the hound’s chest, which radiates positivity, also reflects this. The ribbons on the collar each have a positive word or phrase embroidered, each word chosen by a tutor group in the school. In addition, following a visit to our school recently from ‘Lean in 15’ Body Coach sensation Joe Wicks, we were able to get his autograph on the base of the hound. Joe was promoting living a healthy lifestyle in order to help wellbeing,
We decorated our hound to represent the optimism and positivity that we wish to instil in our pupils. We hope that in doing so our pupils can, in turn, radiate this feeling both internally to help their own mental resilience and externally out to the world. In this small way we hope that we can help promote good mental health in our young people.

Haslemere Town Council
Woolmer Hill School
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Young Minds