30 In The Dog House
SIZE : hound

The name 'In the Dog House' was the idea of Knight Frank, the sponsor. It seems the perfect suggestion for an estate agent with 'house' in the title. Rory painted the hound, while Grandpa, Brian made the kennel and then Rory helped to 'felt the roof' and to paint the Dog House sign. We hope that they have lots of enquiries thanks to its very own 'for sale' board!!

Knight Frank
Knight Frank, West Street
Rory King
Rory is 12 years old and attends Seaford College, Petworth. Rory enjoys art & design alongside all his sporting activities! He painted a hare last year and was keen to decorate a hound. He came up with a number of good ideas for different hounds but in the end was allocated a theme chosen by his sponsor - In the Dog House.