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48 Rosa Barks
SIZE : hound
Rosa Barks was designed and painted by three lovely students at Rodborough. Inspired by Rosa Parks the America activist known as 'the first lady of civil rights' our Rosa Barks will be a proud and bold addition to any home or business. She has been signed by Joe Pasquale, Jenny Seagrove and Martin Shaw and will be sold in aid of Mane Chance. See alternative photos with the celebrities!

Rodborough School
Project Leader :

Mane Chance
Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and old horses, integrating them with the local community. We regularly host visits from terminally ill children, those with special needs and other underprivileged youngsters fulfilling our aim of helping horses help people. We are delighted to share details of Chance2Be- a programme designed to help young people who need a bit of extra support when dealing with life’s ups and downs. The course of sessions gives them the opportunity to learn how to improve their social skills, their self- esteem and to feel more in control of themselves, by working in partnership with our horses We have structured the course so that skills develop over the weeks, and these concepts are taken into the field with our herd and applied and developed with the horses acting as teachers too. Our herd provide a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment in which to learn. By actively studying the behaviour of the horses in their natural herd environment, and by nurturing a quiet awareness, the young people will be given tools which encourage compassion towards themselves and others.