61 Hot Dog
SIZE : hound
SOLD : £ 500
Camelsdale Primary School is delighted to once again take part in this popular Haslemere Community Project.
‘HOTDOG’ has been created by members of the school’s Art Club with the original design being created by Christopher in Year 4. Art Club members worked alongside local artist Christine Thompson to bring HOTDOG to life. A huge thank you must go to Christine for sharing her expertise and paint with us.
HOTDOG will now feature in the school’s new Humphrey’s Café along with HAMELSDALE (our Haslemere pig). A huge thank you also goes to our sponsor ‘The Entertainer’ in Haslemere. Children and toys are a very good partnership indeed! Do visit our school and meet all of our creations – you are very welcome.

The Entertainer
The Entertainer, High Street
Christine Thompson
After having studied graphic design at Twickenham Art School, where fine art played a dual role with commercial application, Christine worked for six years in a London studio as an advertising designer.

However, in recent years, Christine has returned to the fine art side of her training and has developed her distinctive style as a landscape and seascape painter.

Camelsdale School