10 Cerberus - Hound Of Hades
SIZE : hound
SOLD : £ 400
This year Harvey decided to continue on the classical theme with his interpretation of Cerberus from Greek Mythology. The triple headed Hound of Hades might also be known to Harry Potter fans as 'Fluffy'!!

Special thanks go to James Ewing for attaching the extra two heads so seamlessly - we couldn't have done it without you!

Matthew Lindsey-Clark
Marley Flowers, 29 High Street
Harvey King
Harvey is 15 years old and attends King Edward's School, Witley. He particularly enjoys learning languages, including French, Japanese, Ancient Greek & Latin. His passion for the classics lead him to create 'HAREcules' last year which raised £600 for Classics for all.

Classics For All
Classics For All raises funds to enable schools, many in areas of high deprivation, to study Latin, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation and Ancient Greek. We offer funding to both primary and secondary schools, often to launch classics for the first time. Since its first grant awards in 2011, the charity has awarded a total of more than £1m in support to schools and regional classics networks, reaching 800 schools and benefiting more than 45,000 pupils.